My name is Sherri Chanel, and you can call me Goddess, Mistress or Queen. I have been in the modeling industry for 17 years.

My favorite part of modeling is receiving cute outfits and dressing up. I love going on photo shoots to fun places and taking pictures.

In addition to modeling I love my 3 cats; Fig, Lula, and Mama Kitty. I also love to bake treats and cook healthy meals, I meal prep every week and love to live a healthy lifestyle.

During the summer you can catch me by the pool or vacationing on the beach with a drink in my hand. (Sometimes coffee, sometimes a margarita!) I also love to go shopping, sending gift cards is the way to my heart! 😉 Some of my favorite places to shop are: Sephora, Victoria Secret, Amazon and Starbucks.

Enjoy my content! I know you will!